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After being the Lead technician for a good size IT company for 15 years I thought it was time to branch out and start my own company.  I really enjoyed the personal relationship that I had with my clients and as companies grow that personal relationship tends to fall off, and the focus becomes about making as much money as possible.  Don’t get me wrong I am in this business to make money, but I want our relationship to be mutually beneficial. I don’t want to be your IT consultant because you have no other choice; I want to be your IT consultant because you are confident in my abilities, and enjoy having me in your office.

Dental offices have been our focus for the last 14 years.  I am not a software technician but I work very closely with all your Dental/Imaging software companies.  I want you to be able to practice dentistry, not be a technician on the side ! Let me take all the stress of managing your office network. That is what I am here for !